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The Not Yet: Your Future Travels

May 10, 2016 View Comments by

Have you ever ridden in Istanbul? No. Have you ever ridden in Ireland? No. Have you ever ridden in Italy? No. Have you ever found yourself in one of these conversations? Being asked question after question about rides you haven’t done and destinations you haven’t been to? Do you find yourself replying—“No?” If you do […]

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Go Out for Adventure … Come Home for Love

Apr 14, 2016 View Comments by

A couple of years ago, I attempted to create a mirror frame for my wife, a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary. While our anniversary is in September, the project took a little longer than I expected. In the end it made a nice Christmas present. I got the idea from a very talented artist […]

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Trans America Trail: Not Just Any Port in the Storm . . . Port Orford!

Oct 23, 2014 View Comments by

Even though Big Windy spoiled our vision of rolling out of the woods into an unsuspecting sleepy little seaside community, with our dirty bikes and even dirtier selves as locals watched gape-mouthed and amazed, we are still determined to get to Port Orford, OR, tonight. It is just under two hours due north on the […]

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Trans America Trail: The Wrath of Big Windy!

Oct 16, 2014 No Comments

Good morning Shady Cove! This appears to be it . . . the last official day of the TAT. By tonight we should arrive in Port Orford. I make a cup of coffee and walk down to the Rogue River and call the Castaway By The Sea to confirm our reservation for later tonight. A […]

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Trans America Trail: Craters and Underground Rivers

Sep 25, 2014 No Comments

Waking up on an empty stomach leaves both Luke and I seriously ready for breakfast. The fact that the recommended Dinner Bell Café is “way on the other side of town” according to some locals does not deter us from gearing up and making the trip. Four minutes and one mile later we are seated […]

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Trans America Trail: Denio Junction Goat Gouda!

Sep 18, 2014 No Comments

We awake to a wonderful breakfast at The Griddle; a culinary treat complete with a sassy waitress who will perk you up even more than the coffee. We fuel up knowing that today’s goal is somewhere in Oregon. According to the TAT maps, there’s fuel in Denio, about 100 miles away, but we play it […]

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Trans America Trail: There are Two things to do in Winnemucca, NV

Sep 10, 2014 No Comments

If you type Winnemucca, NV, into Google, one of the first search results is from Trip Advisor. It boldly states, Two Things to Do in Winnemucca! Well, with up to two entire things to do, it seems crazy not to make it the place to spend the night. Like many midsize towns, it has plenty […]

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Trans America Trail: Pavement Day

Sep 04, 2014 No Comments

Luke and I are both meeting up with separate groups at the end of the TAT. We’re traveling east through Glacier National Park, but our timing will be slightly different. The other riders are heading west along more conventional routes, and today’s when we decide on how to reach the Oregon coast in order to […]

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Trans America Trail: A Desert Oasis in Baker, NV

Aug 28, 2014 No Comments

A quick bite at Mom’s Cafe in Salina gets us started right. We learn that we missed the crab leg special from the night before. All for the best; I’m not sure, but being a professional Alaskan fisherman, Luke could possibly lose his license for taking part in such a dining experience in the middle […]

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Trans America Trail: Moab to Salina (Home of the World’s Best Chicken Dumplings!)

Aug 21, 2014 No Comments

This morning I’ve turned the parking area outside of our room into a garage; opting to rebuild the rear and front brakes just to be thorough. When my fingers prove not to be an adequate vice, I head to the local Ace Hardware store to acquire the “magical C-clamp.” I cannot help feeling like I […]

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Trans America Trail: Ouray to Moab

Aug 14, 2014 No Comments

Just loading the bike this morning is a bit challenging. My foot continues to swell, but once forced into the boot, it is a little more bearable. After missing portions of the Alpine Loop, I am determined to make it up to Luke. My plan is to get us to Moab tonight and catch up […]

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Trans America Trail: Happy Birthday Luke!

Aug 09, 2014 No Comments

As we leave the trail and enter Salida, I’m fully tempted to call it a day. Bearing any weight on my foot is not an option, but letting my boot hold the bones together is. There are those that say the KLR doesn’t have a very comfortable seat for long distances, but in my present […]

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Trans America Trail: The Blindside II

Jul 31, 2014 No Comments

Continued from: The Blindside If you have ever had one of those moments when time stands still, you will understand my attempt to explain what happens next. My life is not passing in front of my eyes, but I am seeing the trip ending. I am not more than an hour from Fairplay, CO. Practically […]

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Trans America Trail: The Blindside

Jul 24, 2014 No Comments

It’s our first full day ride together and we are getting a late start. I have been up for a while, but have yet to see my riding partner. Maybe he has a bit of altitude sickness, or it’s the spirit of my dad keeping things at a slow and easy pace, or possibly it […]

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Trans America Trail: Introducing Luke Swab

Jul 17, 2014 No Comments

Heading out on the second half of the TAT lacks any real fanfare. It’s a day like any other, trying to get too many things done, in not enough hours—the girls are at school and Beth is at work so I merely get on the KLR and leave. As expected, the excitement of my return […]

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