The Magazine

What you can find in each issue of RoadRUNNER:


  • Travel Stories – Coverage of the United States, Canada, and international destinations.
  • Tankbag Maps – Our signature tear-out card-stock maps are noted as a significant reason why subscribers choose RoadRUNNER.
  • Motorcycle and Products Reviews – Full dressers to dual sports, hottest on-the-road reviews of new motorcycles, equipment, gear, and apparel fit for today’s active and enthusiastic rider.
  • Shamrock Tours® – Tours with 4 loops out of the same home base to make traveling more enjoyable. Unique to RoadRUNNER and valuable to readers.
  • Special Interest Sections – Devoted to Vintage and Scooter enthusiasts.
  • Industry News & Updates – Providing industry awareness.
  • World-Class Photography – Capturing and delivering the beauty and excitement of the road, the ride, and the destination.


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