April 2022 Moto Market

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Mosko Moto Woodland Collection
Riders who enjoy exploring forest trails now have a chance to really become one with the trees. In a first move of its kind for the company, Mosko Moto has introduced a permanent new color addition to its luggage lineup. For the Woodland Collection, Mosko Moto has dyed their products an earthy olive drab. The collection features the Reckless pannier/duffle system; Backcountry pannier and duffle bags; Nomax, Hood, and Pico tanks bags; and Scout duffle bag. As an olive-green cherry on the top, the Navigator cell phone pocket has also received the forest-fresh treatment. Many of these bags are familiar to riders, and neither their quality nor price has changed. They’ve just received a new touch of color.



Ciari Guitars

Musically-inclined riders know how difficult it can be to transport your instrument, like a guitar, on a motorcycle. Hard guitar cases are large and unwieldy on a bike. Ciari Guitars has devised a solution with the Ascender, a professional-quality electric guitar with a patented folding mechanism. A throw lever reduces string tension from 118 pounds to three. This allows the guitar’s neck to be easily folded back, cutting its size practically in half. The Ascender uses regular guitar strings. When it’s time to play, you can simply unfold the neck and push the throw down. It disappears neatly into the body and won’t get in the way on the stage. After a quick tune-up, you’re ready to rock. At $2,999, the Ascender is the axe of choice for the riding guitarist.




Chris Birch – Say No To Slow

As an eight-time New Zealand Enduro champion and three-time Roof of Africa winner, Chris Birch knows how to ride a motorcycle. Having worked as a riding coach since 2007, he’s now making his knowledge available worldwide with the Say No to Slow educational video series. Say No to Slow consists of 18 episodes, totaling more than 4.5 hours in length. The series progresses from riding basics to teaching advanced Enduro stunts, like wheelies and sky-high jumps. Chris teaches you the what, why, and how of efficiently riding a bike. On top of detailed explanations and slow-motion footage shot from multiple angles, Say No to Slow features exciting practice exercises to hone your riding skills. You can choose the adventure or dirt bike series, or do what we did and watch both. The entire series is available for download for $50.




Cardo PackTalk Second Helmet Kit

Cardo Systems has introduced the new Packtalk Second Helmet Kit, featuring 40mm JBL speakers. Designed specifically as an accessory for Packtalk, Packtalk Bold, and Packtalk Black models, the new kit allows riders to fully outfit an additional helmet without sacrificing sound quality. The second helmet kit is also compatible with non-JBL Packtalk systems. The Packtalk Second Helmet Kit joins Cardo’s lineup of accessories that also includes a regular second helmet kit, Refreshment Kit, Half Helmet Kit, and 45mm Sound by JBL Audio Set. With Cardo’s full line of accessories, you can make the most out of your Cardo communicator, no matter which helmet you’re wearing, while also ensuring comfort and proper installation.

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