Cardo Systems Packtalk Second Helmet Kit

Dec 10, 2021 View Comments by

Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless helmet communication for powersports riders, has announced a new Packtalk Second Helmet Kit featuring 40mm speakers with crystal-clear sound by JBL.

Designed specifically as an accessory for Packtalk, PacktalkBOLD and Packtalk BLACK models, Cardo’s new Second Helmet Kit allows riders to fully outfit an additional helmet without sacrificing the premium sound by JBL that comes standard when purchasing the Packtalk BOLD or Packtalk BLACK. The new second helmet kit is also great for non-JBL Packtalk systems allowing owners of these older units to join the premium sound revolution.

The Packtalk Second Helmet Kit with Sound by JBL joins Cardo’s lineup of accessories that also includes a regular second helmet kit, Refreshment Kit, Half Helmet Kit, 45mm sound by JBL Audio Set and more. With Cardo’s full line of accessories, riders can maximize the use of their Cardo communicator no matter which helmet they’re wearing, while also ensuring comfort and proper install with all needed parts and components.

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