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Yamaha Unveils All-New 2022 YZF-R7 Supersport Motorcycle

May 18, 2021 View Comments by

Yamaha introduced the all-new 2022 YZF-R7 as the latest model in the company’s Supersport motorcycle segment. Built from the ground up with a sleek ultra-thin lightweight chassis powered by Yamaha’s proven 700cc-class CP2 engine, and enhanced with track-focused supersport features, the R7 embodies the R-Series’ rich history of aggressive performance and racing dominance. R World is Calling Yamaha has a rich heritage of […]

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KLIM Ai-1 Airbag Vest – A Closer Look

May 10, 2021 View Comments by

KLIM and In&motion (a French airbag technology company) have partnered to bring a motorcycle airbag vest to market in North America. KLIM creates the vest chassis, in which all the In&motion safety components are housed: the inflator, air bag, back pad and In&box detection module. How it works: In short, the In&box detection module is […]

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