SPOT GEN4 Satellite GPS Messenger

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Motorcycle riders are happy with SPOT GEN4 satellite GPS messenger as they are able to be in touch with their families from wherever they are. The GPS feature of this satellite messenger enables the user to send emergency messages just by pushing a button. The device weighs just five ounces and uses four AAA Lithium batteries. Riders can send preprogrammed messages with their GPS locations, thanks to the custom message feature of the messenger. All contacts of the user can track their location using cloud-based mapping.

The SPOT S.O.V is another exciting feature of the SPOT GEN4 messenger. Apart from family members and friends, the user can get assistance from professional services at any time, round-the-clock. The expected battery life is 78-156 days when tracking for eight hours per day. Another great advantage for bike riders is that this device is completely waterproof. It has water resistance up to almost a 100 feet if submerged in water.

Amazing features of SPOT GEN4 GPS Messenger:

  • sleek, lightweight, compact design, with a rugged, portable and improved grip
  • longest battery life when compared to similar battery-powered GPS messengers
  • live map views, location sharing, and optional upgrades to fulfill user requirements
  • user-generated emergency messages and custom messages
  • unlimited shared views
  • geofencing feature enables user to create virtual geographic boundaries and also create custom alerts
  • satellite coverage includes Canada, U.S., Europe, Australia, Mexico, North and South Africa, South America and Northeast Asia
  • customized tracking
  • provides greater functionality for the money spent
  • robust mapping interface
  • motion activated tracking


Product Price and service options

SPOT GEN4 GPS Messenger is available at retailer shops nationwide. Those who want to purchase this product online can buy it at

Retail price of the device comes to $149.99. For this product, SPOT offers annual service plans and month-to-month Flex plans. Annual service plans begin from $11.95. Those who travel long distances by motorbikes throughout the year will find the annual plan very suitable for them. There is an option to make monthly payments. Also, users have the option to pay upfront and get in advance all allotted messages.

BASIC contract plan is on a 12-month basis and the subscription charge is $11.95 per month, in addition to an activation fee of $19.95. The subscriber is entitled to unlimited SOS, unlimited HELP and unlimited CHECK IN. BASIC Tracking – 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes.

Charges for Extreme Tracking: 2.5 minutes – $4.95/month OR $59.40/year.

FLEX Plans are ideal for seasonal use and are available on a month-by-month basis.

FLEX Basic subscription charge is $14.95 per month, with an activation fee of $19.95.

The package includes unlimited SOS, HELP and CHECK IN.

BASIC Tracking: 5 10, 30 and 60 minutes

EXTREME Tracking: 2.5 minutes – $6.25

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