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Yamaha Introduces the New 2021 MT-09 Hyper Naked With Class-Leading Specifications

Oct 30, 2020 View Comments by

Yamaha introduces the 2021 MT-09 as the new model in the company’s Hyper Naked motorcycle segment. Featuring a torque-rich engine, decreased weight and radical new looks, the all-new MT-09 fully showcases Yamaha’s signature Master of Torque design. The Dark Side of Japan As the first decade of the 21st century was coming to an end, a […]

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Unusual Destinations: Ohio River Floodwall Art

Oct 29, 2020 View Comments by

The Great Flood of 1913 wreaked havoc on many Ohio River towns. The death and destruction, while momentous at the time, have been largely forgotten in the 21st century. The concrete floodwalls in towns along the Ohio River, however, were blank canvases just begging for artists’ depictions of important historical events dating as far back […]

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Adventure at its Finest in New Zealand’s High-Country

Oct 28, 2020 View Comments by

Get ready for some action-packed adventure as Chris Birch (eight-time New Zealand enduro champion) and his riding partners James, Simon, and Kelly hit the dirt in the High-Country of New Zealand. As you follow along, you’ll see lots of great off-road riding, stunning scenery, and more than a few “spills”—all part of the fun! From water crossings […]

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Unusual Destinations: The Dalton Gang’s Last Bank Robbery

Oct 22, 2020 No Comments

Although Coffeyville, KS, was the hometown of famous Major League Baseball pitcher Walter Johnson, it is more famous for being where the Dalton Gang attempted a double bank robbery. On the quiet Wednesday morning of Oct. 5, 1892, the three disguised Dalton Brothers and other gang members rode into town intending to do what no […]

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Americana: Round Barns

Oct 15, 2020 No Comments

Riding cross-country in rural America, you may have happened upon round barns with conical roofs and wondered, “Why?” Several scientific theories suggest that round shapes are more calming and pleasing to the observer’s eyes than shapes with corners, which may explain why you noticed and remembered those barns in the first place. But farmers are […]

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Unusual Destinations: Zanesville, Ohio’s Historic Y-Bridge

Oct 08, 2020 No Comments

A motorist who asks for directions from a Zanesville, Ohio, resident might hear something like, “Go to the middle of the Y-Bridge and turn left.” After a visibly confused motorist leaves, the local resident might be sporting a big grin because after all, turning left in the middle of a bridge isn’t something you do […]

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Featured Destination: Ridgeland, Mississippi

Oct 05, 2020 No Comments

When the open road beckons and the urge to explore stirs, there’s no better route to explore than the Natchez Trace Parkway … and there’s no better rest stop along the Trace than Ridgeland, Mississippi. Home to more than 150 restaurants, exceptional shopping, historic Parkway stops, the 33,000-acre Barnett Reservoir and its abundance of outdoor […]

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2020 Triumph Rocket 3 GT: A Peerless MOTORcycle

Oct 02, 2020 No Comments

Presence. It’s a nebulous term not easily or objectively defined, but the new Rocket 3 definitely has it. The motorcycle’s imposing size is only part of what gives it presence. Its rich finish detailing draws eyes closer and makes them linger.

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