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Is the Ricoh GXR a Duck-billed Platypus?

Feb 28, 2010 View Comments by

While dSLRs offer outstanding picture quality, they’re a bit lardy, and changing lenses on a dusty roadside may introduce specks of dust onto the imaging sensor. Ditto the newer, smaller, Interchangeable Lens Cameras – ILCs – that replace the bulk of an optical viewfinder and its associated parts for a Point and Shoot style display screen.

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Awakening from Hibernation

Feb 23, 2010 View Comments by

With fall yard work, the holidays, and year-end business paperwork out of the way, I’m starting to plan a few trips for the coming season. I’m also looking forward to  trying out some new luggage mounted on the KLR™650 that I got late last summer. It has an oversized luggage rack on it that should […]

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Let There be Conspicuity

Feb 20, 2010 View Comments by

Let’s face it – motorcycles are harder to see than cars. Headlights help, of course, but bikes with single lights don’t provide the distance and size cues that widely-spaced lights on cars and certain motorcycles offer.

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Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

Feb 18, 2010 No Comments

Thanks to its proximity to many motorcycle manufacturers’ US headquarters, the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in Long Beach, California is known for new model introductions. And despite the tough economy, several manufacturers unveiled exciting new motorcycles and products, plus some custom bikes to be auctioned for charity.

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Globerider Scouting out Alaska to Tierra del Fuego Route

Feb 14, 2010 No Comments

Globeriders, a leading motorcycle adventure tour company, sends Helge Pedersen, Globeriders founder and author of Ten Years On Two Wheels, on a route-scouting trip in preparation for the second and third leg of Globeriders’ upcoming 2010-2011 Alaska-to-Tierra del Fuego Tour.

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Good Things Come in Small Packages. Better Things Come in Small Aluminum Packages.

Feb 13, 2010 No Comments

Netbooks are all the rage these days. Cheap and cheerful, they are the Yamaha YSRs of the laptop world and make great road tools for someone that needs to get online at the hotel or empty the camera’s memory card before the next day’s riding.

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Sidi’s 50th Anniversary Vortice Boot

Feb 08, 2010 No Comments

In comemeration of Sidi’s 50th anniversary Motonation is pleased to announce a one time, built to order production run of Sidi’s famous Vortice road racing boot in a special 50th anniversary vernice color scheme.

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Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4 Promises That You’ll Never Ride Alone

Feb 05, 2010 No Comments

Tired of pointing at your tank to tell your riding buddies that you need gas? Maybe it’s time to try an intercom system.

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Women Riders to Rev For a Cure at Daytona Bike Week

Feb 05, 2010 No Comments

During this year’s 69th Annual Daytona Bike Week, hundreds of female motorcycle enthusiasts and Harley-Davidson Motor Company are banding together to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and their efforts to find a cure for neuromuscular disease.

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iPad. You want?

Feb 01, 2010 No Comments

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you may be a squirrel or bear hibernating for the winter – seek professional help when you wake up in the Spring. I’m talking about the Apple iPad of course, and like any new Apple product it has the fanboys and haters drawing battle lines.

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