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Create My Triumph

Dec 19, 2008 View Comments by

The new “Create My Triumph” online tool provides users with the opportunity to design the Triumph motorcycle of their dreams from the convenience of their computer. The entire 2008 model line is available now and 2009 models will be added in February.

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Tariffs On European Motorcycles and Scooters Will Cost Many American Jobs

Dec 11, 2008 View Comments by

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) strongly criticized the Bush Administration’s consideration of a possible 100 percent tariff on a broad range of popular European motorcycles and scooters in retaliation for European Union (EU) restrictions on imported American beef.

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Bikes, Camera, Action!

Dec 06, 2008 View Comments by

If you keep a camera stashed in the tank-bag and always keep meaning to put down your riding experiences in an article to submit to a motorcycle magazine or club newsletter, you’re certainly not alone. Now there’s a conference geared specially for the motorcycle rider who wants to sharpen his or her photography and writing skills.

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Get Your “Phil” Of Alaska

Dec 05, 2008 No Comments

MotoQuest Tours resident wanderer and tour guide extraordinaire, Phil Freeman, will be heading south for “The Lower 48” to do a series of video presentations. These shows will be on Alaska, and other exotic destinations offered by MotoQuest.

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